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Veritas® Opti

Veritas® Opti is a new high load formulation of the well-proven Veritas® a unique combination of two fungicides

Veritas Opti Pack Image

At a glance

Veritas Opti fungicide contains 85% more active ingredients than Veritas for greater convenience and reduced waste.

  • Broad spectrum foliar fungicide for use in wheat, barley, pulses and canola (including sclerotinia)

  • New registered claims for upper canopy blackleg in canola and black spot in field peas

  • Two powerful modes of action (Group 3/11) for improved disease control and resistance management

  • Persistent protectant and systemic activity

  • Cost-effective solution to maximise quality and yield potential


What rate do I apply Veritas Opti?

Learn more about applying Veritas Opti in Canola and Pulses