Veritas® Opti

Veritas® Opti is a new high load formulation of the well proven Veritas a unique co-form strobilurin and triazole fungicide for use in Wheat, Barley, Peanuts, Canola, winter and summer pulses. Veritas® Opti provides simple, easy to use, broad spectrum and highly effective foliar disease control, including new label claims for upper canopy blackleg in canola & black spot in field peas. Veritas® Opti’s higher loadings of both azoxystrobin and tebuconazole provide convenient lower use rates and reduced packaging waste.

Veritas Opti Pack Image

Key issues controlled

  • Upper canopy blackleg

  • Sclerotinia in canola

  • Blackspot in field peas

  • Ascochyta in pulses

  • Botrytis grey mould in pulses

  • Chocolate spot in pulses

Active Ingredient

222g/L azoxystrobin + 370g/L tebuconazole

Formulation Type

SC - Suspension Concentrate