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Cotton Solutions

ADAMA Australia provides the cotton industry with the broadest range of crop protection and management solutions

ADAMA is committed to the ongoing development, growth and success of the Australian cotton Industry. Our portfolio offers comprehensive crop protection solutions for Australian cotton growers to keep crops clean, maximise yields and help manage resistance. From pre-planting to picking, we have the largest and most trusted portfolio in cotton. 



Green mirid, Silverleaf whitefly and Two spotted mite are significant pests that cause significant challenges to cotton production.  

Green mirids (Creontiades dilutus) are a significant concern in cotton-growing regions, where their feeding can lead to boll damage and reduce the overall quality of the cotton crop.  Silverleaf whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) a major pest of cotton, damage from SLWF leads to cotton lint being contaminated with honeydew. Two spotted mites (Tetranychus urticae) are notorious for their ability to rapidly reproduce and feed on plant foliage, causing stippling, discolouration, and overall plant stress. 

Some of the ADAMA range of insecticides for use in Cotton targeting these pests include Skope®, Primal® and Receptor®


Skope® is a unique insecticide ideal for managing multi-pest scenarios in cotton crops. It combines two powerful active ingredients to effectively control key-sucking and chewing pests, including Green mirid, Silverleaf whitefly, Heliothis spp., Cotton aphid and Green vegetable bug. 


An excellent option for multi-sucking pest control in cotton. Primal® provides both systemic and translaminar activity. Primal provides the flexibility to adjust rates depending on the targeted pest and controls all key pests, including Green mirid, Silverleaf whitefly, Green vegetable bug, Cotton aphid and Jassids. 


A Group 12A insecticide, Receptor® provides exceptional efficacy in combatting Two spotted mite and Cotton aphid infestations while also effectively mitigating Silverleaf whitefly populations. Receptor is notable for its "Low" impact on beneficial insects, and has no known resistance issues. Receptor provides both translaminar and fumigant activity, ensuring comprehensive pest control. 


Albatross® is a highly effective insecticide that can control a wide range of sucking and chewing pests. Learn More. 


Lascar®, a Group 7C insecticide, is a highly effective solution for managing Silverleaf whitefly populations whilst having a "Very Low" rating for its impact on beneficial insects.  Learn More. 

Wizard 36® 

Wizard 36® is a tried-and-true solution for effectively managing Two spotted mite infestations. It delivers rapid knockdown and long-lasting residual control, ensuring swift and lasting pest control.  Learn More.

Defoliants/ Plant Growth Regulators

Growth Regulators

Timely application of plant growth regulators helps to manage excessive vegetative growth and plant architecture, whilst effective defoliation is imperative to ensuring timely picking, maximising yield, quality and returns. ADAMA offers an extensive range of industry-leading cotton defoliants and plant growth regulators, including Escalate®, Escalate® UltraMax, Promote® Plus 900 and RX-380


For cotton defoliation under warm conditions, Escalate is the ideal choice for defoliation in the warmer northern cotton growing areas. 

Escalate® UltraMax 

Escalate® UltraMax is a high-load formulation of thidiazuron and diuron, preferred for colder areas and finishes. 

Promote® Plus 900 

Promote® Plus 900 is a high-load formulation of ethephon – to aid in the accelerated opening of mature bolls and to help in defoliation and pre-conditioning before defoliation of cotton. Helps improve harvest and increases recoverable lint yield and quality. 


 RX-380 is a highly concentrated formulation of mepiquat chloride to regulate vegetative growth in cotton. With 380 g/L of mepiquat chloride,  RX-380 is a game-changer for the Australian cotton industry, offering benefits of significantly reduced handling and transport. 



Weeds can severely impact cotton yield. ADAMA has a series of products that can assist in targeting troublesome weeds, including Shogun®, Sierra® and Spraytop® 330


Shogun® is a systemic post-emergence grass-selective herbicide registered to control 14 grass weed species. These include hard-to-control species, such as feathertop Rhodes grass, barnyard grass, liverseed grass, Johnson grass and crowsfoot grass. Shogun provides an effective alternative mode of action for controlling glyphosate-resistant weeds or those at risk of developing resistance. 


Sierra® herbicide boosts knockdown herbicides to control challenging or resistant broadleaf weeds. Its unique Soluble Liquid (SL) formulation containing 160g/L saflufenacil promotes ease of use, excellent compatibility and robust weed efficacy. 

Spraytop® 330 

Spraytop® 330 herbicide is a powerful and effective paraquat herbicide fully loaded with the convenience of an in-built surfactant, designed for the knockdown control of annual grass and broadleaf weeds. 

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