Triathlon® provides post-emergent control of 58 broad leaf weeds in wheat, barley, triticale, cereal rye and clover-based pastures. Triathlon® contains three herbicide active ingredients from three modes of action, a key tool for herbicide resistance management. Triathlon® provides robust control of Wild Radish, Indian Hedge Mustard and Capeweed. Triathlon® can provide up to four weeks residual control of Wild Radish.

triathlon herbicide packshot

Key issues controlled

  • Capeweed

  • Mexican Poppy

  • Wild Radish

  • Fumitory

Active Ingredient

diflufenican 25 g/L + bromoxynil 150 g/L + MCPA (LV) 250 g/L

Formulation Type

EC - Emulsifiable Concentrate