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Ultro® 900 WG

Ultro® a new mode of action (Group 23) for the pre-emergent control of annual ryegrass, barley grass and brome grass in winter pulses and fallow.

Pack shot

Ultro® 900 herbicide is a new mode of action (Group 23) for winter pulse growers looking for a residual pre-emergent solution to control annual ryegrass, barley grass and brome grass. Ultro 900 controls susceptible grass weeds shortly after germination limiting competition to the emerging crop. The new herbicide mode of action gives pulse growers another option for managing resistant annual grasses. ADAMA promotes using Ultro in a mix-and-rotate strategy with herbicides from the alternative mode of action groups.

General Info

Unique mode of action

Ultro® provides a new mode of action, Group 23 (Group E), to control grass weeds in winter pulses and fallow, and to help manage herbicide resistance.

Flexible application window

Ultro® is non-volatile and can be applied up to seven days before incorporation by sowing.

Registered in all winter pulses and fallow

Ultro® is registered in broad beans, chickpeas, faba beans, field peas, lentils, lupins and vetch. Additionally, Ultro can be applied in winter fallow.

Strong performance on problem grass weeds

Australian trials have confirmed that Ultro® provides robust control of annual ryegrass, barley grass and brome grass

The compatible formulation for resistance management

Ultro® can be tank-mixed with a range of pre-emergent herbicides to utilise many different modes of action to control key annual grass weeds and/or broaden the weed spectrum. If annual grasses have emerged, tank mix Ultro with ADAMA Spraytop® 330 herbicide for knockdown control. Download the Ultro 900 WG compatibility guide  

How to control annual grasses with Ultro® 900 WG

Application rate

Ultro® is applied at 1.1-2.3 kg/ha, with the recommended rate varying according to pulse crop type, soil texture and weed pressure. In situations of high grass weed pressure, apply the higher rate of Ultro or in a tank mix with another mode of action for robust control and resistance management. Ultro may be applied at a lower rate in situations with lighter soil texture depending on grass weed pressure.

Crop Timing Rate
Chickpeas IBS or PSPE 1.1 kg/ha
Broad beans, faba beans, field peas, lentils or vetch IBS 1.1-1.7 kg/ha
Lupins IBS 1.1-2.3 kg/ha
Winter fallow Before weed emergence 1.1-2.3 kg/ha

Application volume

Ground application

Apply as a medium spray quality or larger in an application volume of 50-150L water per hectare

Aerial application 

Apply as a coarse spray quality or larger in a minimum application volume of 30L water per hectare

Solubility and movement in the soil

Ultro® is moderately mobile in soil due to its water solubility and low adsorption to organic matter. Compared to other registered pulse herbicides, Ultro requires less rainfall or soil moisture for incorporation, activation and weed control. Ultro® does not strongly bind to stubble. A thick layer of stubble may affect coverage and the ease/uniformity of soil incorporation