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A revolutionary nematicide controlling Root-knot nematode and Root lesion nematode in fruiting vegetables, root and tuber vegetables and sugarcane

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General Info

Nimitz® is a novel nematicide developed by ADAMA containing a unique new active ingredient, setting a breakthrough in true nematicidal control

  • True nematicidal activity not merely nematostatic 
  • Easy to apply with existing nematicide application methods
  • Targeted activity spectrum and IPM compatible
  • Season-long treatment can be achieved even after heavy rainfall after planting

Nimitz® Application Advice

Application recommendations

  • Nimitz may be applied by broadcast or banded boomspray application or via drip irrigation (in fruiting vegetables only)
  • Nimitz is applied at a rate of 4-8 L/ha and must be incorporated to a depth of 15-20 cm for broadcast / boomspray applications, or with sufficient irrigation to deliver the product to the root zone
  • In fruiting vegetables, root and tuber vegetables, the application must be made 7 days prior to the sowing/planting/transplanting of seeds/seedlings/vine cutting in treated areas
  • Do not apply more than one application per crop, and no more than 8 L/ha per year
  • Always refer to the label before applying Nimitz