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Unique Sugarcane herbicides providing innovative solutions for canegrowers

Sugarcane growers can be assured their grass and broadleaf weed issues are addressed this season with ADAMA Australia’s unique herbicides Palmero® TX and Bobcat® i-MAXX SG.
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ADAMA Australia Herbicide Portfolio Manager, Rob Walker, says Palmero TX is a unique co-formulation of the active ingredients terbuthylazine (Group C) and isoxaflutole (Group H), providing broad spectrum control of key grass and broadleaf weeds in plant and ratoon cane for up to 3 months.

“A relatively new triazine herbicide for the sugarcane industry, Terbuthylazine controls target weeds by inhibiting a specific step in photosynthesis. Isoxaflutole also inhibits an enzyme involved in photosynthesis, but at a different stage of the process”, he said.

“The combination of Group C and Group H herbicides are often synergistic due to their combined effects on inhibiting photosynthesis in target weeds”.

Rob confirmed “Palmero TX was developed by ADAMA Australia to combine these two actives into a highly efficacious herbicide for the Australian sugar industry, in an easy-to-use water dispersible granule formulation, whilst also reducing the need to tank-mix to broaden the weed spectrum”.

Palmero TX can be applied as a directed spray in plant and ratoon cane prior to canopy closure, or as a broadcast application in ratoons following harvest up to the two-leaf crop stage.

“Bobcat® i-MAXX SG herbicide combines the strengths of two active ingredients for excellent knockdown and extended residual control, as well as providing important resistance management benefits”, Rob said.

“Bobcat i-MAXX SG exhibits robust, broad-spectrum control of major grass and broadleaf weeds in plant and ratoon crops, including barnyard grass, summer grass and liverseed grass, as well as blue top and ipomea vine species. Bobcat i-MAXX SG is also registered to control Guinea grass via hand-held or optical spot spray technology”.

Bobcat i-MAXX SG can be applied as a directed spray in plant and ratoon cane following final cultivation and hill formation, or as a broadcast application in ratoons following harvest and before new cane growth appears.

Brett Hansen, ADAMA Commercial Manager, Central Queensland, says Palmero TX is an ideal rotation partner for ADAMA Australia’s Bobcat® i-MAXX SG for sustainable weed control in sugarcane.

“It’s important that growers use a range of management strategies to control weeds,” he says.

“Rotating between herbicides with different modes of action reduces selection pressure for herbicide resistance.

“For resistance management, controlling emerged weeds and improved crop safety, we recommend that Palmero TX and Bobcat i-MAXX are always applied in a tank-mix with ADAMA’s paraquat herbicide Spraytop®.”

Brett says ADAMA Australia has a history of being focussed on innovation for the sugarcane industry, developing alternatives to offset restrictions on the use of existing herbicides such as 2,4-D and Diuron, for example.

“Applying a product with a strong residual on target weeds in plant and ratoon cane, such as Palmero TX or Bobcat i-MAXX, reduces the frequency or need for 2,4-D applications during the season,” he says.

The use of Palmero TX and Bobcat iMAXX is also supported by the free ADAMA ReefAware app, a simple ‘stop-go’ decision support tool that determines which herbicides can be applied to a specific paddock at a specific time of year.

“We’re committed to helping growers and agronomists implement effective and sustainable weed control programs,” Brett says.

“ReefAware allows growers and agronomists to select and use ADAMA products with confidence.”

For further information, contact your local ADAMA representative, or visit

Bobcat i-MAXX SG applied at 565 g/ha with Spraytop 250 herbicide as a directed spray prior to canopy closure providing residual control of key grass and broadleaf weeds 11 weeks after application in a field trial at Marian, QLD.

Palmero TX an ideal rotational option with Bobcat i-MAXX for residual weed control. Palmero TX applied at 1.5 kg/ha with Spraytop 250 as a directed spray prior to canopy closure providing robust control of key grass and broadleaf weeds, 11 weeks after application in an ADAMA field trial at Marian, QLD

Untreated control at the Marian, QLD 2020 ADAMA field trial.