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Farmozine 900 WG Herbicide 15kg Pack

ADAMA Australia issues voluntary recall for Farmozine 900 WG herbicide

Additional batches recalled as a precaution
Farmozine 900 WG Herbicide 15kg Pack

ADAMA Australia has extended the recall of specific Farmozine 900 WG batches to include product from additional batch numbers. The further recall is precautionary to prevent potential impact on farmers and our customers. The complete list of Farmozine 900 WG batches recalled is listed in the table below.

Please contact your ADAMA representative to arrange a return if you have stock from the affected batches. Customers who have already delivered the affected Farmozine should also contact their growers to return it to the place of purchase. 

The recall is due to poor wettability in the affected batches. Poor wettability increases the time required for dispersion in the tank before adding other tank mix partners. Without adequate time to disperse, residues can collect on filters and adversely impact the spraying operation. The recall is issued to prevent further adverse experiences with the affected batches. 

Please coordinate the return of the below Farmozine 900 WG batches with your ADAMA representative.

Farmozine 900 WG batch numbers:  2022091601, 2022091602, 2022091606, 2022091607, 2022091801, 2022091802, 2022091803, 2022091804, 2022091805, 2022091806, 2022091808, 2022091809, 2022091810, 2022091811, 2022091812, 2022091813, 2022091814, 2022092301, 2022092302, 2022092303, 2022092304, 2022092305, 2022092306, 2022092307, 2022092308, 2022092309, 2022092310, 2022092311, 2022092312