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Longtailed Mealey Bug

Dual insecticide becomes a valuable rotation partner against grapevine scale and Longtailed Mealybug

Australian agriculture enters a third La Nina season.
Longtailed Mealey Bug

As Australian agriculture enters a third La Nina season, grape growers are raising concern over the impact of increasing populations of grapevine scale (Parthenolecanium persicae)  and Longtailed mealybug (Pseudococcus longispinus).  

Both insect species feed directly on the vine sap, excreting a honeydew substrate that supports the growth of sooty mould, a wine taint that downgrades fruit value.

This has put a strong focus on the need for targeted insecticide programs against scale and mealybug resulting in increasing adoption of Trivor insecticide from ADAMA Australia.

Trivor combines acetamiprid for rapid knockdown and pyriproxyfen’s residual control, two highly effective active ingredients that are becoming recognised as a valuable rotation partner in programs and importantly will reduce the impact on beneficial insects compared to broader spectrum chemistry.

Trivor can be applied up to E-L 31 (Berries Pea Size) growth stage in domestic wine production and up to the start of flowering (E-L19) for export wine, to coincide with late spring and early summer juvenile crawler emergence.

Daniel Polson, ADAMA Australia’s Market Development Manager for Horticulture, said

“Trivor has had a positive impact in the wine grape industry by providing a highly effective product that has been specifically developed to target vulnerability in the scale and mealybug life cycle whilst maintaining minimal disturbance to off-target populations.

It directly addresses two commercial pests in scale and mealybug that when in high numbers not only reduce fruit quality but adversely affect long-term vineyard health through reduced photosynthetic capability and ongoing vascular damage.’’

“It is gathering strong support for its quick-acting control combined with residual cessation of juvenile scale feeding.

Trivor can be successfully incorporated into integrated pest management programs, and, with close monitoring of target applications, it can be highly effective against scenarios of multiple life-stage infestations.

For further information on Trivor growers and advisers can contact their local ADAMA representative or view the product here.

Longtailed mealybug
Longtailed mealybug (Pseudococcus longispinus).