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Growth Regulators

Quali-Pro® Marvel-ous®

Manage plant growth, reduce mowing and improve aesthetics with Quali-Pro Marvel-ous®. Only available to Professional & Consumer agents.


Tame Your Turf with Quali-Pro® Marvel-ous® .

Quali-Pro® Marvel-ous ® is a plant growth regulator used to manage growth and improve quality and stress tolerance of warm and cool season turf grasses.  It promotes rich colour and lateral stem and root mass development, while inhibiting vertical shoot growth.  Helps produce healthy, durable blades in turf grass.



General Info

Quali-Pro® Marvel-ous® At A Glance

✔ Schedule 5 Micro Emulsion formulation.

Quali-Pro® Marvel-ous® is schedule 5 micro emulsion formulation that is petroleum solvent free.

✔ Registered for use on Turf and Grass

Quali-Pro® Marvel-ous® may be used on all turf surfaces, including greens.

✔ Safe to use on a board range of turfgrass

Australian trials have confirmed that Quali-Pro® Marvel-ous® is safe to use on a very broad range of turfgrass species including Common and Hybrid Couch, Bentgrass, Kikuyu, Queensland Blue Couch, Carpetgrass, Buffalo, Bahiagrass, Zoysia, Fescues, Perennial Ryegrass, Durban grass and Poa annua.

✔ Optimised for Turf and Plant Growth. 

Quali-Pro® Marvel-ous® reduces the growth of grasses, reducing your time with mowing. 

In combination with certain herbicides, Quali-Pro® Marvel-ous® aids in suppression of Bahiagrass seedheads.