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Galigan® 500 SC

Residual and knockdown control of annual grass and broadleaf weeds. A concentrated SC oxyfluorfen formulation.

Galigan 500 SC herbicide is available from ADAMA

Concentrated residual and knockdown control of annual weeds

Galigan® 500 SC is a concentrated, 500 g/L oxyfluorfen formulation, for knockdown and residual control of annual grass and broadleaf weeds. Galigan can be applied alone as a pre-emergent herbicide to the weed free soil. For situations with emerged weeds, Galigan should be applied in a tank mix with a knockdown herbicide such as glyphosate, Spraytop (paraquat) or paraquat/diquat combinations. 


What are the benefits of controlling weeds with Galigan?

  • Non-scheduled chemical - increased usage in and around public areas
  • Long residual - up to 6 months residual control of annual grass and broadleaf weeds, when applied at higher application rates.
  • Concentrated formulation - lower application rates and reduced freight, drum storage and disposal costs
  • Broad activity on weeds - control weeds in one pass, saving time and money
  • Aerial application - Galigan can be applied at a drop height up to 15m, improving operator safety and accuracy in forestry situations
  • Galigan binds strongly to soil preventing movement and damage to non-target vegetation 
  • Apply alone or in a mixture with a knockdown herbicide