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Farmer Checking Corn

ADAMA Publishes 2018-19 Sustainability Report

Marking the 10-year milestone of sustainability reporting with a newly dedicated website
Farmer Checking Corn

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, July 9, 2020- ADAMA Ltd. (the “Company”), leading global crop protection company, today published its 2018-19 Sustainability Report,demonstrating the Company’s ongoing pursuit to incorporate sustainable practices in all its business activities.

The report introduces the Company’s five key pillars that its stakeholders identified as most crucial to achieving a sustainable future: People with an emphasis on Health & Safety, Environment, Products, Governance & Ethics, and Community.

In-light of the impact of COVID-19 and its continued spread throughout the world, farmers and the entire agricultural community continued their work to sustain a planet in crisis. Throughout this period, ADAMA took all the measures at its reach to ensure that the Company’s customers had access to the products they need to grow the world’s food supply and maintain their livelihoods; all while preserving ADAMA’s commitment to the safety and health of its people and delivering on its sustainability commitments.

Ignacio Dominguez, ADAMA’s President and CEO, said: “These past months have shown how connected we are and how closely our own fate is tied to that of every other person on this planet. Addressing critical issues such as climate change, poverty, hunger, and inequality requires cooperation and collaboration. No single company or even country can go it alone. If the world is to make real strides in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and face the next crisis more prepared than we were this time, we must commit to collective action.”

The Sustainability Report illustrates ADAMA’s many achievements including its continued drop in injury rate, as it proactively eliminates health and safety hazards and creates safer working environments, a 37% decrease in GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions, a 9% reduction in water consumption, and a 53.6% decrease in discharged organic effluents.

Michal Arlosoroff, ADAMA’s EVP, General Legal Counsel and Company Secretary & Chief Sustainability Officer, added: “Our commitment to sustainability remains steadfast and is growing even stronger. We have outlined specific goals in the report, showing our commitment to incorporate sustainability as an even stronger part of our strategy and business commitments”.

The report was prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and audited by KPMG. The report is available on our newly dedicated website.



ADAMA Ltd. is a global leader in crop protection, providing solutions to farmers across the world to combat weeds, insects and disease. ADAMA has one of the widest and most diverse portfolios of active ingredients in the world, as well as state-of-the-art R&D, manufacturing and formulation facilities. With a culture that empowers our people to listen to farmers and ideate from the field, ADAMA is uniquely positioned to offer a vast array of distinctive mixtures, formulations and high-quality differentiated products, delivering solutions that meet local farmer and customer needs in over 100 countries globally. For more information, visit us at and follow us on Twitter® at @ADAMAAgri.


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Global Investor/Public Relations


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