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Code of Conduct

ADAMA [1] is a Global Company conducting its business affairs in more than 100 countries worldwide, in a changing work environment deriving, amongst others, from the differences in culture, customs and the legal system of each and every country. The Company places great importance in adopting a Code of Conduct which will guide all the Company's office holders, managers and employees [2] as to the rules of conduct required of them as representatives of the Company when dealing with governmental authorities, suppliers, consumers, competitive commercial bodies and the community within which the Company conducts its business including each other. The Code of Conduct does not set new conduct rules, it formalizes the accepted and customary rules of conduct of the Company. The Company and its employees must always aspire to improve and promote the Code of Conduct which applies to them.

To view the entire Code of Conduct, please download it from the the right side of this page.

1. In this Code, the term “ADAMA” or “the Group” means the ADAMA Group and/or a company within the ADAMA Group.

2. In this Code, the terms “people” and “employee” and “individual” refer to an employee, manager and director of ADAMA,

as well as a service provider (management services, consultancy services, etc.).