The Meaning of ADAMA

We are very proud of our heritage in Israel, and we are equally proud of the fact that we operate in over 45 countries around the world today. Adama reflects a global company in touch with our historic beginnings

The name ADAMA is Hebrew for 'earth', the essential element of farming. Our strong connection to the land represents our commitment to agriculture as well as our down to earth, practical approach and culture.

'MA' ties us to the enduring legacy of Makhteshim Agan, the original name of the company.

The blending of 'ADAM' and 'AMA' represents humanity, male and female; in many languages 'Ama' means mother, a link to mother earth. And 'AD' represents 'Advancing the future of agriculture.'

  • The three A’s in our name remind us of our past, our present and our future, and the mark of quality. The A’s harmonize to form our logo, an upward-pointing arrow, a simple, universal image of growth.
  • Three layers in the logo bring our brand visually to life: the core epitomizes the farmer; the middle layer signifies farming and growth; and the outer envelope expresses how at Adama our aim is to bring these pieces together. 
  • The logo, like the Adama brand, was inspired by the land…as well as the hand of the farmer. The numerous meanings evoked by the Adama brand let us connect individually with each of our customers, partners and peers.
Adama Logo