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Enhancing the sensorial experience

CAS: 544-12-7
Chemical Structure: Hex-3-en-1-ol

Olfactive Family



Olfactive Description

A powerful, novel ingredient with fresh, green, cut grass and fruity, herbaceous notes.

AganLeaf Diagram

Perfumery Usage

Featuring a unique isomeric composition of cis-3-hexenol, AganLeaf™ provides an innovative, versatile, cost-efficient approach with higher efficacy to deliver a natural green ambience. As a top note, AganLeaf™ elevates the natural freshness of any formulation. Performs well in functional and fine fragrances.           

AganLeaf grass

Technical Specifications



Appearance GC Purity Molecular weight Flash Point Density Typical use level
Clear colorless liquid min. 98% 100.16 g/mol 58ºC 0.860 up to 1%

Sensory Performance





>24 hours

AganLeaf Technical Specifications table

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