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Serving farmers with a bang

Farming has never been just a business. It is deeply ingrained in the culture and identity of communities, based on thousands of years of growing crops and producing food.

This is certainly the case in Colombia where farmers have been growing potatoes for generations. Farmers there, work, live and socialize together. Out of those bonds came the game of Tejo. It originated in the Boyacá region in the center of the country and is now played across Colombia and beyond.

In some ways, it is similar to the French game of boules. Players throw a 650 gramme disc at a target embedded in clay on a raised tray. But that is where the similarity to anything else ends. Those targets contain a small amount of explosive. The winners are those that set off the most mini explosions. It is a noisy and exciting game that grips both players and spectators.

ADAMA understood the importance of Tejo to Colombia’s farmers, so last year it set up a Tejo tournament for its customers. There were 24 rounds of matches across north Colombia, with regional winners taking part in a grand final in November competing for a range of prizes as well as the honor of being crowned ADAMA’s Tejo Champion.

Although one of ADAMA’s aims was to increase the awareness and sales of its range of potato protection products, strengthening the bond with its customers was just as important. Understanding, protecting, and enhancing the culture associated with farming in all the markets it operates in is key to ADAMA’s approach. Without that respect for its customers, the company knows that it will not gain their respect.

Coronavirus has halted plans for another Tejo tournament this year, but the success of the first event means that farmers across the country will be keen to see its return in future years.

You can watch highlights of Adama’s Tejo tournament: click here.

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