Food Security in an Insecure World

The world has changed dramatically since the coronavirus. During the peak of the crisis in 2020, it became clear that ensuring people were cared for and fed were the two most important things for societies everywhere.

In parts of the world where the availability of food is too often taken for granted, and farming is a distant, abstract thing, the sight of empty supermarket shelves caused many to stop and think about where our food comes from, how agricultural supply chains work, and how important it is to ensure an available and affordable food supply. When ties are created between consumers and farmers, everyone has a stake in creating a sustainable future, and we all win.  

While many were forced to stop working normally, it became more important than ever for farmers to carry on what they have always done - planting, tending and harvesting their crops or caring for their animals. The food they continue to produce is vital in providing a foundation for the global recovery, with consumers still demanding plentiful supplies of quality, safe and affordable food.  

ADAMA, continues to be there for farmers, providing them with the products and support they need.  

Finally, the coronavirus has shown how connected we are and how closely our own fate is tied to that of every other person on this planet. Addressing critical issues such as climate change, poverty, hunger, and inequality requires cooperation and collaboration. No single company, or even country, can go it alone. If the world is to make real strides in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and being prepared for the next crisis, we must commit to collective action.