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Increased crop knowledge is within REACH

ADAMA’s REACH app puts power in the hands of India’s farmers
reach app

A smartphone is an essential tool for farmers in India. There are now more than 500 million such devices in the country, with a third of Indians having access to them. ADAMA has developed REACH, an easy to download and use mobile app that provides farmers with the essential information they need to help protect their crops. It is available in six Indian languages - Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada as well as English. The app is secure and all farmer profiles are protected with a password.

There are ten major elements to REACH, all designed to give farmers the information and tools to grow their crops as successfully as possible.

  1. Farmer Profile: By entering their farm and cropping details, including area, crops and sowing dates, the needs of farmers can be better understood by ADAMA.
  2. Weather: Users get timely alerts based on hourly, daily, weekly and even fortnightly forecasts. Details of temperature, humidity, wind and rainfall are available allowing farmers to plan their activities.
  3. Products: With more than 80 crop protection solutions, ADAMA has one of the largest portfolios in India. The products section on REACH allows farmers to understand the products better and chose the right ones for them.
  4. Dealer Locator: Want to know where the nearest distributor of genuine ADAMA products is? This feature helps farmers find them and realise they are never too far from an ADAMA seller.
  5. Crop Calendar: Here farmers get details about their crops throughout their lifecycles, identifying the possible problems they can suffer at different stages. This information allows the farmer to prepare for likely weeds, pests and diseases, and control them with the right intervention. How helpful!
  6. Farmer Services: A team of ADAMA agronomists is on hand to identify problems and provide the best solutions. Farmers simply upload a photo or video of the pest, weed or disease and they are contacted with answers.
  7. Market Place: In this section, farmers can check the market prices of their crops, enabling them to make the key decision on the right time to sell.
  8. Knowledge Centre: We all know knowledge is power, so REACH brings farmers the latest agricultural news, crop information and details of new pests and diseases, as well as protection tips and much more!
  9. QR Code Reader – The REACH App comes with an in-built QR code reader, giving farmers instant access to further information from the QR code on products and posters.
  10. What’s New? This feature keeps farmers up-to-date with latest ADAMA news, product launches, events and campaigns.

REACH is proving popular with India’s farmers, who value the information it contains and ease of use. Within 100 days of its launch under the slogan of Power in Your Hands, 100,000 farmers had downloaded the app, with the number standing at higher than 200,000 now! Keeping the farmer at the center, ADAMA has plans of updating the app with even more beneficial features for farmers in the future.

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