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myADAMA: giving you key information in one handy place

We live in an age where information is all around us, but how do you know what information to trust or find which information you are after?

It was this desire to avoid information-overload that prompted ADAMA Germany to launch its myADAMA knowledge portal, or wissensportal in German. Designed to be a one-stop online resource, it allows farmers to quickly access the latest weather, pest and disease warnings, tips on growing better crops and market information as well as details of ADAMA’s crop protection products whether they are in the farm office or out in the field.

myADAMA has helped ADAMA shift itself from being a trusted seller of high quality and effective crop protection solutions to being a trusted information partner in the growing of crops.

Fully launched onto the German market last year using a promotion campaign that compared myADAMA to the human brain packed full of easy to access information, the service soon proved popular. Within three months, regular users had increased by a 1000% and now thousands of farmers use the system every day to help them make the decisions vital to their businesses.

To help users understand the full potential of myADAMA, a month-long competition encouraged entrants to visit the site every day and seek out information. Enticed by the chance to win a weather-proof smartphone or wireless speakers, but persuaded to stay by the information on the site, the competition resulted in thousands of people logging their entries every day.

The volume of information and knowledge is infinite and ever-changing. Constantly updated, myADAMA continues to give farmers the information they need in one place, saving them time allowing them to focus on delivering the high-quality crops the market wants.

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