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Winter wheat

ADAMA to Bring Innovation to European Molluscicide Segment with Novel Active Ingredient Feralla®

Bringing innovation with real value to farmers
Winter wheat

ADAMA Ltd., a leading global crop protection company, today announced its intent to introduce the novel in-licensed active ingredient Feralla® into the European molluscicide market, bringing innovation with real value to farmers. 

Feralla®-based molluscicide products stand out with superior rapid-stop feeding effect and prolonged pellet integrity compared to current Ferric-Phosphate products on the market. Field tests have shown that products using Feralla® speed up mollusc death during the first three days following application, resulting in a significant reduction in feeding damage during this time frame. 

Feralla®-based products offer increased palatability to pests due to the unique formulation and proprietary manufacturing process powered by ADAMA’s Desidro® Technology. This increased palatability contributes to the superior rapid stop feeding effect versus ferric-phosphate products. In addition, the low concentration of active ingredient helps farmers reach their sustainability goals, while achieving increased mortality, and greatly decreased feeding severity. 

"European farmers are facing significant challenges in pest control, with regulatory restrictions and sustainability concerns limiting their tools,” said Darren Palendat, Global Product Strategy Manager for ADAMA. “At ADAMA, we listen to farmers needs and understand the market environment. The development of Feralla®-based molluscicides stems directly from these challenges, showing our commitment to providing an effective solution tailored to address their specific concerns."

Regulatory approval of Feralla® is expected in Europe in 2024, with Feralla® based product launches to follow in the UK, France, Spain, Germany and other European countries. The Active Ingredient Feralla® has been registered in multiple countries outside Europe.