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ADAMA Launches New Cereal Fungicide Forapro® for Supercharged Disease Control and Higher Yields

Forapro® combines two Active Ingredients with ADAMA’s Asorbital® Formulation Technology for a double boosting effect

ADAMA Ltd. (SZSE 000553), a leading crop protection company, has announced the European launch of Forapro®, its new T1 broad spectrum multi-crop cereal fungicide that delivers superior control over all major early season diseases in wheat. 

Forapro® offers the double boosting effect of two Active Ingredients together with ADAMA’s unique Asorbital® Formulation Technology. It delivers powerful results for both wheat and barley and is effective against early season diseases such as Powdery Mildew, Septoria and Rust.

Due to its unique formulation and dual active ingredients, Forapro® provides excellent control in T1 that keeps disease infestation levels in check until T2 spraying. The power of Prothioconazole together with Fenpropidin and boosted by  Asorbital® Formulation Technology ensures increased leaf penetration, faster uptake, and outstanding migration, spreading the impact across the entire plant, while also preventing degradation from sunlight. Extensive trials have shown that Forapro® penetrates the leaf cuticle significantly faster compared to a tank mixture of the two ingredients. 

“Farmers are looking for innovative, effective fungicides that address their needs for fast acting crop protection and lower costs, so they can increase yields and bring high quality cereals to the market. With the launch of Forapro®, ADAMA has answered these needs and provided the value innovation that farmers expect from us,” said Alex Mills, Global Head of Fungicides at ADAMA. “Forapro® delivers superior T1 control of Septoria, Yellow Rust, and Powdery Mildew, improving crop yields. Thanks to its highly effective uptake, farmers can manage diseases while meeting both yield and cost goals.”

Forapro® is part of ADAMA’s new European cereal fungicide portfolio. Launches will continue across the continent throughout 2024.