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Prothio Brazil plant

ADAMA Opens New Multi-Purpose Plant in Brazil, Becoming a Leading Global Producer of Prothioconazole

This plant is expected to support ADAMA’s goal to deliver several new products to the Brazilian market in the coming years
Prothio Brazil plant

Tel Aviv, Israel, February 13, 2023: ADAMA, one of the world’s leading crop protection companies, announces the opening of a new multi-purpose plant (MPP) in Taquari, Brazil. The new plant produces key active ingredients (AIs) for the crop protection industry, including Prothioconazole, an important fungicide which protects Brazil’s soybean crops against Asian Soybean Rust. This plant will improve ADAMA's ability to supply Prothioconazole-based products using our in-house capabilities. This additional capacity will support the launch of several new products to the Brazilian market within the next five years.  

This new MPP supplements ADAMA's other Prothioconazole manufacturing facilities across the globe, positioning ADAMA as one of the top global producers and a leading supplier of this important molecule. With this plant, ADAMA has the capacity to fully supply its global future pipeline of Prothioconazole-based products based on its in-house production. Production has already started to support ADAMA Brazil’s leading products such as ARMERO™.  

"The in-house production of this key active ingredient provides ADAMA a competitive advantage in Brazil, one of our most important markets, and decreases our dependence on external suppliers", said Bruce Morris, Head of Active Ingredients Manufacturing & Sourcing. "Moreover, our competitive, backward-integrated capability allows us to engage in new partnerships as a major supplier in the global Prothioconazole market". 

Prothioconazole is a key active ingredient in the global fungicides market with estimated global sales of $1.2 billion. ADAMA’s new plant represents an investment of over $50 million, of which approximately 30% was spent on implementing sustainable practices as part of ADAMA’s ongoing commitment to improve sustainability in its production facilities. This plant was built using advanced technologies that reduce energy and water consumption and limit waste generation. It also implements gas and particulate filtration systems that help avoid atmospheric pollution. 

In recent years, ADAMA Brazil launched several leading products including Armero™ (fungicide); Araddo® (herbicide) and Arremate® (herbicide for pasture).