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Field brazil soil

ADAMA Brazil embraces the goals of World Soil Day 2020

Keep soil alive, protect soil biodiversity is the theme of this year’s UN World Soil Day on December 5 2020. A new ADAMA program in Brazil is taking that message to heart.
Field brazil soil

The aim of the 2020 World Soil Day is to maintain healthy ecosystems and promote human well-being by addressing challenges in soil management, fighting soil biodiversity loss and encouraging governments, companies, communities and individuals to commit to improving soil health.

ADAMA Brazil has embraced the UN’s call to action with its CUIDA (Campaign for the Intelligent Use of Pesticides) program. CUIDA has three main elements which connect to each other.

Land: taking care of the land is fundamental for agriculture, after all, it is in the soil where everything starts. Promoting good soil conservation techniques is one of the objectives of ADAMA CUIDA.

Crop: healthy and profitable farming requires responsible management and best application technology practices. Only then is it possible to produce more, with extra quality and safety.

People: by adopting the best social and environmental practices, ADAMA contributes to the health and well-being of farmers and consumers, delivering end-to-end protection.

There were 14 on-site training sessions before the Covid-19 pandemic struck, with eight online events taking place since then. More than a thousand ADAMA colleagues, distributors and farmer customers have been trained in how to use crop protection products safely, responsibly and effectively helping to enhance crops and protect soil

There has been a special focus on engaging women in the program recognizing their vital role in Brazilian agriculture. A partnership with Rede UMA – União das Mulheres do Agro (Union of Women in Agriculture), a large network to strengthen female training in agribusiness, will enable the dissemination of ADAMA CUIDA training and guidance to all regions of Brazil. This year through this partnership, 300 women from Rede UMA had the opportunity to take part in a National Meeting of Co-operative Women, where they were able to learn more about sustainable farming practices, including good soil and land management.

“ADAMA CUIDA has given us a platform which allows us to engage directly with distributors and farmers helping them to strengthen the economic, social and environmental sustainability of Brazil’s farms,” says Lydia Damian, Marketing Communication Manager at ADAMA Brazil.

“Fundamental to that work is protecting the soil that allows our farmers to produce the food that is so important to the health of us all.”

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