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17/09/2014 Adama Invests in Advanced Agricultural Education

Establishes First-of-Its-Kind Scientific Greenhouse on Urban Farm to Encourage Education, Science and Agriculture
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Ashdod, Israel, September 17, 2014

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd., a world leader in farmer-centric agricultural solutions, today celebrated the establishment of the first advanced educational greenhouse designed to help elementary and high school students learn more about the science and technology of agriculture, and its importance to global food security.

Located in an urban farm in Ashdod, Israel, this is the first greenhouse of its kind in the country. With state-of-the-art agricultural technological equipment, the greenhouse is designed to expose students to the innovative, technological aspects of agriculture, with the aim of encouraging them to continue on to higher agricultural studies, and in so doing to contribute to solving issues of global food scarcity.

Students visiting the greenhouse will be introduced to the world of agriculture through a unique interactive experience, designed to foster their research and thinking skills, while encouraging their interest in agriculture. They will be able to engage in a range of scientific experiments, growing plants under multiple conditions, varying parameters such as temperature, light intensity and soil type. The research results will be automatically displayed in a computerized classroom, so the students can analyze and draw their conclusions.

“As part of our company's social responsibility, we invest in projects that promote education, with a specific focus on areas connected to our core business activities – the intersection of science, especially chemistry and biology, and agriculture,” said Chen Lichtenstein, Adama’s President and CEO. “This project makes scientific agriculture accessible to students, and provides a unique educational opportunity to become familiar with the field of agriculture and its important contribution to everyday life and future food security for the world.”

The scientific greenhouse in Ashdod is part of Adama’s flagship community engagement project, called “Spreading the Seeds of Science.” Within the framework of the project, the Company will be establishing scientific research greenhouses in urban farms in Lod, Beersheba and Ashdod, three urban hubs where Adama has its main facilities in Israel. The greenhouses are being established in conjunction with local authorities and the Ministry of Education.

At the opening event held this week, attendees included the Mayor of Ashdod, Dr. Yechiel Lasry, representatives of the Ashdod Municipality, the Foundation of Ashdod, the Ministry of Education and Adama’s CEO, Chen Lichtenstein along with many Adama colleagues.

About ADAMA Agricultural Solutions

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Adama invests in Advanced Agricultural greenhouses