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19/11/14 Adama Introduces Novel, Innovative Fruit Thinning Solution for Apples and Pears

Tel Aviv, Israel, November 19, 2014
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ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd. (formerly Makhteshim Agan Industries) today announced the global launch of BREVIS®, a novel, innovative fruit thinner for apple and pear trees.

BREVIS®, a novel, low dose formulation of metamitron, has been developed by Adama to increase fruit size and yield of marketable fruits. It also reduces costs of hand thinning by up to 80% when compared to other available solutions in the market, also reducing picking, storage and grading costs.

“We have created a safer, more efficient formulation with lower toxicity, lower application rates and less residue compared to other fruit thinning agents on the market,” said Jean-Pierre Guerin, Adama’s European Herbicides and PGRs Manager. “In line with Adama’s vision to simplify processes for the farmers, we are proud to have developed a single solution, not based on plant hormonal activity, which achieves better results than other full fruit thinning programs that typically involve multiple steps.”

For nearly a decade, Adama has worked closely with a team of advisers, researchers and growers to develop and test the BREVIS® formulation in a wide range of varieties, geographies, climatic conditions and agricultural practices. BREVIS® was found to be effective on all apple and pear varieties with flexible application guidelines at temperatures between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius, and on fruit sizes between 8mm and 16mm. Moreover, farmers can control the thinning effect by adjusting the application rate. BREVIS®, with its rapid leaf uptake, is less affected by the weather than other products currently on the market, in that rainfall more than two hours after application will not reduce its efficacy.

The name Brevis (“short” in Latin) was chosen due to the brief, three week maximum duration of the product’s activity and the relatively short pre-harvest interval.

BREVIS® is patented in Europe and various other countries around the world. After an initial 2013 launch in Serbia with positive responses from the apple and pear growers, BREVIS ® launch in Italy at Interpoma, 20-22 November 2014, followed by Greece, France and Belgium in 2015. Launches in other major apple and pear markets globally are planned over the next few years.

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