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12/09/2014 Adama Achieves U.S. Registration for Novel NIMITZ Nematicide

Safer, Simple and Effective Nematicide Reduces Environmental Impact
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TEL AVIV, Israel, September 12, 2014

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions, a world leader in farmer-centric agricultural solutions, announced today that NIMITZ, a novel, non-fumigant nematicide with unprecedented user safety and simplified application features, has achieved regulatory approval in the U.S.

Highly effective in controlling plant-parasitic nematodes, NIMITZ has a unique mode of action and favorable human health and environmental profiles. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, NIMITZ is unique among the existing nematicide alternatives all of which pose a greater risk to human health than NIMITZ. It is the first new chemical nematicide to be developed and introduced in more than 10 years and represents a new class of chemistry for plant protection. The U.S. has awarded the first registration of NIMITZ globally with approved crop uses on cucurbits, including cucumbers, watermelons, pumpkins and squash, and fruiting vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplants.

With dwindling options available, NIMITZ is a safer alternative for nematode control. Simple to apply and environmentally friendly, it delivers the efficacy that farmers demand. Nematodes are among the most destructive and problematic pests, causing growers a estimated annual yield losses of more than $100 billion worldwide. In addition to reducing crop yields, nematodes can affect the external appearance of the harvested crops, making them unattractive for retail consumers. Furthermore, even at low populations in the soil, nematode damage can make it easier for other soil pathogens to penetrate plant roots.

Danny Karmon, Senior Innovative Product Manager at Adama said, “Our research, regulatory and development teams around the world worked hard together to bring this exceptional product to the market. More than eight years of intensive development and testing work, including laboratory studies, greenhouse trials, full-scale field trials and semi-commercial demonstrations, have consistently demonstrated that NIMITZ controls nematodes better than the commercial standard."

Dr. Tali Ehrlich, Head of Adama Global Regulatory Affairs, said the registration of an innovative nematicide with a favorable toxicological and environmental profile is a major accomplishment. “Following this important first step, we continue to work towards obtaining registrations for NIMITZ in other countries so that farmers worldwide will be able to benefit from the unique advantages of this product,” she said.

Existing methods for addressing nematodes, including fumigants, organophosphates and carbamate nematicides, are being phased out due to their toxicity. NIMITZ provides a solution to the growing demand for effective ways to control nematodes, that are easy to apply and with lower environmental impact.

“Adama’s promise is to simplify the lives of farmers,” Karmon said. “NIMITZ is a prime example of this. It is extremely effective in protecting crops, and as a non-fumigant, the solution enhances user safety in comparison with all nematicides being used today. This makes the use of this product convenient and economically advantageous for the farmer."

Adama expects to obtain additional registrations of NIMITZ in other countries and crops in the coming months.

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ADAMA Achieves U.S. Registration for NIMITZ