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Chemistry for kids

Inspiring a passion for chemistry can start as early as kindergarten.
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In a program called “Chemistry Deep Dive,” almost 300 children and teenagers from Be'er Sheva, a city in the Negev region of southern Israel close to one of Adama's main manufacturing and R&D sites, take part in a fun and interactive project exposing them to the fascinating world of chemistry. The comprehensive program takes children from as early as kindergarten through eighth grade to a specially designed and cutting-edge chemical laboratory, fully equipped for age-appropriate educational activities.

In collaboration with the City of Be'er Sheva and the Israeli Ministry of Education, a unique curriculum was developed to coach students in research, critical thinking and problem-solving skill, all essential to modern chemistry. Guest lecturers from Adama complement the program and the curriculum, contributing their insight and expertise as career chemists.

Interactivity and fun are a key part of the program, keeping children engaged with the learning experience. When learning about the periodic table, students are immersed in practical workshops with the different elements. They don’t just read about copper, they touch it, feel it, smell it, even engrave on it, with all their senses engaged to maximize their learning experience and ignite their passion for chemistry.

Children experimenting in the chemical laboratory

Photos by Natalie Cohen Kadosh