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Starting a degree in chemistry while in high school

Adama has established two unique programs which enable high school students to start their studies towards a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry whilst still in high school with an eye to completing their full degree shortly thereafter.
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In southern Israel, Adama has partnered with the Rashi Foundation, the Jusidman Science Center for Youth at the Ben-Gurion University and the Be'er Sheva Municipality to create the Marie Curie program, named after the pioneering physicist and chemist. In northern Israel, Adama has partnered with the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa to create the Archimedes program

The two initiatives are merit-based programs for selected, qualified students with an aptitude for chemistry in southern or northern Israel. Classes are convened once a week at the respective universities. In their three years of high school, students earn one-third of the credits required to complete their subsequent undergraduate degree. These credits are retained for up to seven years, during which time they may resume their studies towards a full degree.

An integral part of the program is its summer camp that takes place prior to the start of the school year. At the camp, in addition to basic chemistry, participants learn crucial life skills such as teamwork, as well as how to work under pressure and manage time effectively. They also visit Adama’s R&D and manufacturing sites to see chemistry in action in an industrial setting, and to hear from chemical experts in the field. As part of the program, older chemistry students have the opportunity to mentor the younger ones to ensure their success.

Results of these programs so far have been spectacular, with students belonging to the program excelling in their university-level studies. Some of the early students in the program have already graduated from high school and are continuing towards their university degree.

David Ben Simon, VP Operations, speaking to students of the Marie Curie program, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Dr Elad Shabtai, VP Innovation, Development, Research & Registration at Adama, giving a lecture to students about chemistry in our daily lives

Students working in laboratory