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Mexico Gonzalo Navarro Padilla

Agronomy: One of the most important professions

Opinion on agronomy, crops and crop protection in Mexico
Mexico Gonzalo Navarro Padilla

Gonzalo Navarro Padilla is an agronomist, producing beans in Nayarit.

I’m proud to belong to this state, which I am sure will be known again as 'The Gold Coast'," he said.

Gonzalo was inspired to become an agronomist, by his father and also the love of agriculture that he learned while at high school.

Gonzalo met ADAMA following recommendations of other agronomists when he was Bravo AG. He tested the products and he was so impressed by the results that he started to recommend the brand.

Gonzalo began using the product "OS - 60" but is now also a fan of "Bordocop" and "Mastercop".

In addition to treating his own crops, Gonzalo has treated his friends’ crops, which include avocado, tomato and potato, with our products and has managed to improve many hectares so far.

The advice that Gonzalo wants to share with us for new generations of agronomists and farmers is:

"You must realise that agronomy is one of the most important professions that exists because we can help to end hunger in our country. We are never without food and we also know the origin of everything that we eat. It is therefore important to look after our crops and help others to care for them, trying to prevent and control pests and diseases. I recommend Adama products because they are very effective and always give good results. With Adama my crops are healthier. I have the satisfaction that my family and my crops are healthier, without risking the health of my family or anyone else. Adama products are a safe investment."

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