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crowdfunding is particularly suited for rural start-up businesses


We are a distinctive founding partner of the Peres Center for Peace & Innovation
crowdfunding is particularly suited for rural start-up businesses

The Israeli Innovation Center

Through exhibits, tours and workshops, the Center highlights innovation in Israel and beyond, with agriculture as a key area of focus, alongside cyber technology, clean energy, pharmaceuticals and smart transportation. Remarkably, there are more than 5,000 start-ups working in these fields in Israel, 400 of which in agriculture-related areas alone.

ADAMA’s exhibit at the Center introduces the challenges faced by farmers today through an interactive installation, aimed to educate visitors about the complex process necessary to bring food to our table.

The Israeli Innovation Summit, held in October 2018, marked the opening of the Israeli Innovation Center. The event was hosted by Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and attended by China’s Vice President Wang, as well as hundreds of global business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators, including former Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt and Alibaba co-founder, Jack Ma.

“We were invited to be a signature founding partner of the Peres Center for Peace & Innovation, reinforcing our company’s standing as a leader in Israeli life science innovation. For a country the size of Israel, we see an astounding number of start-ups and levels of innovative thinking as we attempt to find new solutions to global challenges and improve lives.” Chen Lichtenstein, ADAMA President and CEO

About the Peres Center for Peace & Innovation:

The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation was initially founded in 1996 by the late President of Israel and Nobel Prize Laureate, Shimon Peres, and relaunched in 2018 following President Peres’s legacy of connecting the furthering of Peace and Innovation. The Center develops and implements impactful and meaningful programs with a focus on promoting a prosperous Israel, nurturing a global gateway to Israeli innovation, and paving the way for shared-living between all of Israel's citizens and lasting peace between Israel and its neighbors.

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Jack Ma and Chen Lichtenstein

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