Crop Enhancers

In modern agriculture, farmers worldwide need various means to enhance the value of the crops they grow. Adama invests its resources and expertise in order to be able to offer growers a wide range of crop enhancer products which meet the specific grower needs in different countries and regions. Adama offers farmers such solutions in the following categories:- 

  •  Plant growth regulators (PGR's) which have varied effects on growth and development of crops. The following are selected examples having a global  footprint:- 

       - Chemical fruit thinning in apples with Brevis®, saving many labor days of hand thinning and resulting in optimum fruit size according to market demands 

     - Stem strengthening in cereal crops with Optimus®/Trimaxx®, bringing about a reduction in lodging thereby preventing loss of valuable yield 

  •  Biostimulants which can enhance the crop’s physiological processes, thus making them more efficient, resulting in yield and quality enhancement. One  aspect of the benefit of some biostimulants is the "greening effect" which may also bring about an increase in yield. 
  •  Selected fertilizers and foliar nutrients which provide essential elements for optimum crop yield and quality 
  •  Adjuvants which enhance spray application of plant protection products by improving spreading, penetration, sticking 
  •  Various other crop enhancers such as disease resistance inducers, soil amenders etc. See the specific country Adama websites for more information about  our crop enhancer products.

See the specific country Adama websites for more information about our crop enhancer products.

Crop Enhancers