Weed Control

Throughout the crop growing cycle, plants compete with weeds for water, light and nutrients. Adama herbicide solutions prevent or delay the development of these weeds, easing the competition and allowing crops to flourish. Otherwise, farmers would need to uproot these weeds manually, a time consuming and labor-intensive process. 

At Adama, we take measures to understand farmers’ needs, analyzing trends to predict potential problems and creating solutions unique to certain regions or crops. We are dedicated to developing more sophisticated mixtures, optimized ratios and flexible formulations to better equip farmers to battle herbicide resistant weeds. We carefully choose specific high quality elements from our extensive portfolio of advanced active ingredients to create safe and highly effective herbicide solutions. Among the crops that benefit from Adama’s herbicide portfolio are corn, cereals, sugar cane, sugar beet, OSR, sunflower and cotton.

Our herbicide treatments ensure efficacy while improving efficiency on the farm. All of this translates to big savings in labor and resources for farmers throughout Europe, the Americas, Australia and Asia.

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Farmers potentially face large yield losses due to weed competition. With Adama herbicide solutions, farmers can overcome the weeds in the field and substantially increase their harvest

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