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ADAMA Center at TAU

ADAMA Center for Novel Crop Protection Delivery Systems

In 2019, ADAMA and Tel Aviv University launched a unique research and teaching program on active substance delivery and formulation, an innovation and growth driver in the worlds of agriculture and crop protection. The collaboration combines the commercial industry with academia, training advanced degree research students in chemistry, life sciences, and engineering in the delivery and formulation of active crop protection substances, a field in desperate need of more experts.

ADAMA invested in a world-class research laboratory that was established in the Tel Aviv University School of Chemistry, where students carry out the program’s research and lab experiments. In 2021 ADAMA awarded scholarships to 6 students from a range of disciplines such as chemistry, materials engineering, and plant sciences, who earned their advanced degrees with a specialization in delivery and formulation. This Program provided students with access to ADAMA’s state-of-the-art laboratories in which they can conduct experiments and will receive practical training from our experienced researchers.

ADAMA Center Lecture