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Product News

ADAMA develops solutions to combat weeds, insects and disease so farmers can do what they do best: feed the world. Find out what’s new.

Cormoran® 180 EC Insecticide Product Overview & Infographic

Cormoran® 180 EC is an emulsifiable concentrate insecticide with a systemic, contact and stomach action, as well as chitin inhibition for the control of codling moth, mealy bug, African bollworm, aphids, leafhopper, tuber moth larvae, semi-looper, leaf eaters and false codling moth on specific crops. Find out more.

Cormoran 180 EC

Lenns™ Herbicide Product Overview & Infographic

Learn about Lenns™ – a revolutionary herbicide for pre- as well as post-emergence control of certain difficult-to-control weeds in stone fruit.

Lenns™ Infographic

Rimon® Fast 100 SC Insecticide Product Overview & Infographic

Rimon® Fast 100 SC is an emulsifiable concentrate chitin inhibitor stomach insecticide for the control of insects in the crops indicated. 

Rimon Fast 100 SC