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Flitzer® 563 SP

An excellent early post-emergent herbicide for effective weed management in cultivated rice field

Flitzer- delivers excellent weed management in rice field

Why Flitzer® 563 SP?

Choose Flitzer for effective weed management in rice farming. Flitzer is a unique herbicide specially curated to tackle and kill broadleaf and grass weeds in both upland and irrigated rice fields. 

The molecular formula in Flitzer® 563 SP delivers unparalleled effectiveness, empowering farmers to maintain weed-free, thriving rice crops for bountiful harvest

General Info

How is the results of FLITZER 563 SP different from the many?

Flitzer is a unique formulation that blends the super molecules of Bispyribac sodium which inhibits the enzyme acetolactate synthase (ALS) in susceptible grassy weeds, with 2,4-D Amine Salt which possess a synthetic auxin characteristic, a plant hormone that disrupts the growth processes in susceptible broadleaf weeds. It controls the growth and kills target weeds, allowing the main crop plant to thrive for abundant yield.


Unbox Flitzer® 563 SP for more benefits:

  • Safe for crop, no residue in the soil
  • Can be applied on both irrigated and upland field.
  • Rain-fastness within minutes of application
  • Save cost.

Application Advice

Recommended Dosage

  • 80grs/knapsack
  • 400grs/acre
  • 1kg/Hectare

Recommended Water Volumes

  • 15L / knapsack
  • 75L-80L/Acre
  • 200L/Hectare

Application Timing

Early post treatment(2-3weeks after seedling establishment when weeds begin to emerge)

Mixing Tips

Half fill your knapsack with clean water. Empty the required quantity of FLITZER 563 SP + Adjuvant into the spray tank. 

Top up the water level to 15L and agitate gently for thorough and even mixture

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