Our Sugar Beet Product Portfolio

Adama Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd are committed to the UK sugar beet growers and are a major manufacture of products used on sugar beet crops. Holding approvals of many of the key products needed, Adama ensure that farmers have choice when selecting their agrochemicals. 
Adama's herbicide portfolio addresses a wide range of weed pressures encountered in sugar beet agriculture today. The product range includes:
Goltix® 70 SC (Metamitron)
• Long lasting residual activity
• Broad weed spectrum activity
• Flexible rate for weed sizes and timings
Sniper™ (Phenmedipham, Desmedipham and Ethofumesate)
• Triple contact and residual activity
• Consistent performance in all weather conditions
• Dose flexible and the perfect partner for Goltix 70SC
Rifle® (Phenmedipham and Desmedipham)
• Comprehensive weed control with dual contact actives
• Effective in varying conditions, cool/warm, wet/dry
• High level of crop safety
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