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ARIZONA (500 g/L folpet)

The multi-site to rebalance disease control

With resistance to single site fungicides continuing to hamper disease control, a multi-site such as folpet must be included in arable spray programmes to add an extra layer of crop protection and to boost the crop’s yield and profitability.

ARIZONA: the cost effective multi-site

New field trials carried out in 2021 have shown that the addition of ARIZONA (500 g/L folpet) to spray programmes at T1 and T2 suppresses septoria and adds persistence to the crop protection programme.

In the video below, Andy Bailey, ADAMA’s Fungicides Technical Specialist, explains how including ARIZONA (folpet) as a tank mix partner increases septoria control, improves green leaf persistence and protects the upper leaves in wheat to deliver a proven yield benefit.

ARIZONA yield benefit trial

ARIZONA delivers additional septoria control and yield

ARIZONA’s key benefits

Valuable efficacy

Valuable efficacy

Septoria, Rust, Rhynchosporium and Ramularia Protection that pays for itself


Multi-site activity to break resistance and extend the life of partner products
Optimise partners

Optimise partners

No interference with uptake, maximise partner performance even at T2


Can be used at multiple timings to provide season-long protection

Hear what others have to say...

  • Ben Burrows
    Ben Burrows, Independent Agronomist Crop Management Partners
    "As an industry we’ve recently seen an exciting and effective new mode of action come to the fore, and I think it’s important we ensure this continues to work well on farm for as long as possible: including a multi-site such as folpet is a good way of doing that."
  • Luke Cotton
    Luke Cotton, Independent Agronomist Cotton Farm Consultancy Ltd.
    "I’ll be using folpet again in 2022, not just because it gives a good yield response through stronger green leaf retention, but also because it performs an important role in terms of resistance management by ensuring the fungicide programme doesn’t rely solely on single modes of action which is a potentially dangerous position to be in."
  • Richard Cobbald
    Richard Cobbald, Farm Manager at Bartlow Estate
    “We’ve always used a Multi-site, which has been Chlorothalonil, but the loss of that now leaves Folpet as an essential part of the fungicide plan. We do need multi-site in the programme and Folpet gives the best opportunity for that, Folpet will certainly be part of our resistance strategy and our overall fungicide strategy going forward” 
  • Richard Harris - Bartholomews
    Richard Harris, Agronomist at Bartholomews
    "In the 2021 season, I used ARIZONA at both T1 & T2 in wheat to help protect the newer chemistry. With the continued decrease in efficacy of both azoles and older SDHI’s, protecting newer chemistry is more vital now than ever before."

Testimonial Map

Meet the farmers and agronomists across the UK using ARIZONA in their cereal crop protection programmes

Video library

  • Ben Burrows
    We catch up with Ben Burrows, an independent agronomist at Crop Management Partners to hear about his experience with ARIZONA last spring.
  • Luke Cotton
    Luke Cotton, an independent agronomist from Cotton Farm Consultancy Ltd shares use recommendations in winter wheat and spring barley
  • Mike Thornton
    Mike Thornton discuses his experience with folpet
  • Laura Buckingham
    Laura Buckingham explains the importance of multi-sites and her views on the key benefits of folpet.

FRAG-UK endorsement

Fungicide Resistance Action Group (FRAG-UK) recommendations

One of the key recommendations of FRAG-UK is to use multi-site fungicides – either as a tank mix partner or alternately with single site fungicides – to reduce the erosion of efficacy in single site and other medium to high resistance risk fungicides.

Multi-site fungicides are a valuable tool to manage resistance by preventing development to many pathogens… and can protect and prolong the lifespan of medium to high resistance risk fungicides like SDHIs... and can provide added levels and spectrum of disease control. FRAG-UK