Our Sugar Beet Crop Protection Portfolio

ADAMA UK is committed to providing sugar beet growers with a range of effective crop protection products. Our extensive portfolio includes several products which are approved for use on sugar beet and which can also be used on fodder beet, red beet and mangels. 


The following herbicides are approved for use on beet crops: 


A co-formulated product of ethofumesate and phenmedipham. A residual and contact post-emergence herbicide for use on sugar beet, fodder beet and mangel.

Active ingredient: 200 g/L phenmedipham and 200 g/L ethofumesate

Crop approval: Sugar beet, fodder beet, mangels 

Max. individual dose: 1.3 L/ha

Max. total dose: 3.9 L/ha

Latest application: Before crop leaves meet between rows 



A selective herbicide for post-emergence use on listed annual broad-leaved weeds in sugar beet, fodder beet, red beet and mangels

Active ingredients: 320 g/L phenmedipham

Crop approval: Sugar beet, fodder beet, red beet, mangels

Max. individual dose: 3.0 L/ha

Max. total dose: 3.0 L/ha

Latest application: Before the beet leaves meet between rows



A metamitron based residual herbicide with foliar and root activity for sugar beet and the foundation to your herbicide programme. GOLTIX® 70SC demonstrates excellent crop safety without compromising efficacy. 

Active ingredient: 700 g/L metamitron 

Crop approval: Sugar beet, red beet, fodder beet, mangels 

Max. individual dose: 2.0 L/ha 

Max. total dose: 5.0 L/ha 

Latest application: Before crop leaves meet between rows 



A co-formulation of metamitron and quinmerac which provides residual and contact control of broad-leaved weeds in sugar beet and fodder beet. 

Active ingredients: 525 g/L metamitron & 40 g/L quinmerac 

Crop approval: Sugar beet, fodder beet 

Max. individual dose: Pre-emergence: 3.0 L/ha. Post-emergence 2.0 L/ha 

Max. total dose: 6.0 L/ha 

Latest application: Nine leaves unfolded 



A co-formulation of metamitron and ethofumesate providing dual residual and contact activity. 

Active ingredients: 350 g/L metamitron & 150 g/L ethofumesate 

Crop approval: Sugar beet, fodder beet, mangels 

Max. individual dose: 2.0 L/ha 

Max. total dose: 6.0 L/ha 

Latest application: Before crop leaves meet between rows 



A foliar acting selective herbicide with systemic activity on a wide range of grass weeds and volunteer cereals. 

Active ingredient: 100 g/L propaquizafop 

Crop approval: Sugar beet, fodder beet 

Max. individual dose: 1.5 L/ha 

Max. total dose: 1.5 L/ha 

Latest application: 60 days before harvest 



The following fungicides are approved for use on sugar beet: 



A broad-spectrum fungicide containing two active ingredients: azoxystrobin and cyproconazole. Provides outstanding performance against rust, with excellent control levels up to nine weeks after application. In an extensive seven-trial study, a two-spray Mirador Xtra programme delivered an average 2.7 t/ha extra sugar yield. 

For maximum efficacy and persistence, apply at first signs of disease and before infection gets established. If weather conditions are favourable to disease, a second application should be made before signs of re-infection. 

Active ingredients: 200 g/L azoxystrobin & 80 g/L cyproconazole  

Crop approval: Sugar beet, fodder beet 

Max. individual dose: 0.9 L/ha 

Maxi. total dose: 1.8 L/ha 

Latest application: 36 days before harvest 



For more information about any of the products listed above, simply click on the relevant product names to go to that product’s dedicated information page where you’ll also find the latest tank mix information. Alternatively, for more technical queries, please call ADAMA's Technical Helpline on 01635 876 622. 

Alternatively, visit here, for the latest news and crop management advice from the British Beet Research Organisation (BBRO)