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Takes the headache out of foliar disease control

Maxentis® EC 10L

General Info

Best in category foliar disease protection

NEW Maxentis fungicide from ADAMA Australia delivers best-in-category protection against key foliar diseases of cereals, oats and canola without compromising crop safety or compatibility.


Two modes of action 

Maxentis EC combines two modes of action (Group 3 and 11) for improved spectrum, efficacy and resistance management. It’s a co-formulation of 133g/L azoxystrobin + 100 g/L prothioconazole in a unique formulation.


At a glance

  • Broad-spectrum control of key foliar diseases
  • Excellent compatibility and crop safety
  • Can be applied across a broad range of crop stages
  • Two modes of action for optimal efficacy and resistance management