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Priority herbicide the flexible option for your rotation

Priority packshot

General Info

Broad-spectrum weed control

Controls 54 broadleaf weeds when applied with a registered tank-mix partner

Flexible application timing

Priority can be applied as a post-emergent treatment of winter cereals between the three-leaf and flag leaf (GS13-37) stages, as well as in fallow and established ryegrass pasture

Reduced risk of residue carryover

Relatively short half-life in soil and does not bind strongly to plant material, making it a more flexible option for rotations

A new solution for oat producers

Priority can be applied safely in oats including a range of tank mixtures

One pass control of weeds, pests and diseases

Priority can be tank-mixed with post-emergent and fallow crop protection products including fungicides and insecticides for one-pass control of weeds, pests and diseases. Download the Priority compatibility guide for a full list of compatible tank-mix partners