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Growth Regulators


New ADAMA RX-380 is a highly concentrated formulation of the cotton growth regulator, mepiquat chloride. 10 times the concentration of ADAMA Reward®.

RX-380 pack shot

RX-380™ is a highly concentrated formulation of mepiquat chloride to regulate vegetative growth in cotton. With 380 g/L of mepiquat chloride, RX-380 is a game-changer for the Australian cotton industry.  

General Info

Features and Benefits of RX-380™:

  • 10 times the strength. RX-380 is a highly concentrated formulation containing 380 g/L mepiquat chloride
  • Reduces handling, transport and storage requirements
  • Reduces wastage and drum recycling
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Dark red formulation colour to differentiate from ADAMA Reward®
  • Regulates cotton vegetative growth for improved yield and quality
  • Lower application rates, saving time handling and recycling empty containers

How to manage vegetative growth of cotton with RX-380™

Directions for use to improve cotton yield and quality

  • Apply as multiple split applications (25 to 100 mL/ha) or as a single application (75 to 200 mL/ha)
  • Apply in a minimum water volume of 80 to 100 L/ha (ground application) or 20 to 30 L/ha (aerial application) 
  • The efficacy of RX-380 may be reduced if rainfall occurs within 8 hours of application

To save time and money, what products can I tank mix with RX-380

RX-380 is physically compatible with the following ADAMA products

  • Albatross® 200
  • Electra® 225
  • Firepower® 900
  • Lascar®
  • Platinum® Xtra 360 + Hasten*
  • Primal® + Pulse*
  • Receptor®
  • Shogun® + Hasten*
  • Wizard® 36