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Spraytop® 330

Make your job easier with Spraytop 330: a highly concentrated paraquat herbicide that provides excellent knockdown control of annual grasses & broadleaf weeds.

Pack Shot of 20L SprayTop 330 in blue bottle

Spraytop 330, A Concentrated Paraquat Herbicide With An In-Built Adjuvant

Spraytop® 330 herbicide is a powerful and effective paraquat herbicide designed for the knockdown control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds, including annual ryegrass, barley grass, brome grass, fleabane, and sowthistle. Its active ingredient, paraquat, is highly effective at killing weeds and grasses on contact, making it an excellent choice for use in various agricultural and horticultural settings.

Spraytop 330 also features an in-built adjuvant that helps improve the effectiveness of the active ingredient, as well as a concentrated formulation that requires less handling and packaging.


General Info

✔ In-built Adjuvant

Fully-loaded convenience of in-built adjuvant eliminates the need for additional adjuvant and provides improved effectiveness.

✔ Control A Wide Range of Annual Grasses and Broadleaf Weeds

The highly effective paraquat herbicide provides control of a wide range of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds, including annual ryegrass, barley grass, brome grass, and sowthistle.

✔ Fast-Acting And Highly Effective

In extensive field trials across a broad range of use patterns and cropping regions, Spraytop 330 demonstrated robust weed control when compared with other paraquat formulations.

✔ Concentrated Formulation

Besides being stronger than previous formulations, the concentrated formulation means that it requires less handling, packaging and storage.

Application Information and Resources

Application Information

  • Apply with calibrated ground spray equipment to deliver a water volume sufficient to ensure coverage of the target weed.
  • Ok to use with hard water, avoid muddy water.
  • Apply using a fine to medium droplet size.
  • Safe to enter a treated area when the applied product is dry.

Rainfastness of Spraytop 330

  • Spraytop 330 is rainfast once the spray is dry on the leaf

What annual weeds does Spraytop 330 control in a tank mix or when applied alone?

  • Annual grasses including annual ryegrass, barley grass, brome grass, annual phalaris
  • Annual broadleaf weeds
  • Wild oats
  • Yorkshire fog grass
  • Annual ryegrass 
  • Safron thistle
  • Datura spp. 
  • Annual ground cherry
  • Milkweed
  • Apple of Peru
  • Stagger weed
  • Blue Heliotrope
  • Anoda weed
  • Bellvine
  • Common morning glory
  • Columbus grass

Always refer to the product label available in the downloads section of this page before applying Spraytop 330 to control the above range of weeds.

In what situations can I apply Spraytop 330 herbicide to control annual grass and broadleaf weeds?

  • As a double knock strategy to kill tough weeds and prevent resistance, 7-10 days following the application of Wipe-Out®/glyphosate
  • To assist in preparing a clean seedbed for sowing or to assist cultivation before sowing.
  • As a tank mix partner to pre-emergent herbicides, i.e. Novali®, Tenet® and Ultro® to knockdown emerged annual weeds to minimise weed competition of the emerging cereal, canola or pulse crop.
  • Selective weed control in Autumn/early Winter annual and perennial clovers.
  • Annual grass and broadleaf weed control in Rice.
  • Late Winter/early Spring annual weed control in annual and perennial clovers, cocksfoot, perennial ryegrass, phalaris and Demeter fescue.
  • Weed control in established lucerne.
  • Spray topping to reduce annual weed seed set in chickpeas, faba beans, field peas, lentils, lupins and vetch.
  • Hay freezing to retain the maximum protein in dry standing feed.
  • Annual weed control in orchards (including Bananas) and vineyards.
  • Peanuts, post-emergence weed control.
  • Potatoes[1] , general weed control in-crop.
  • Non-agricultural situations around sheds, roadways, firebreaks and paths.
  • Plant and ratoon sugarcane.

Spraytop 330 herbicide is a fully-loaded paraquat herbicide with an in-built adjuvant. Does that mean an additional adjuvant is required?

  • Spraytop 330 contains a wetting agent, and additional adjuvant is not required unless high-volume spraying results in excessive dilution of the wetter content. This can occur when Spraytop 330 application rates fall below 300 mL per 100L of spray. In this situation, a wetter should be added at 60 mL of Wetspray® 1000 per 100L spray mix. 
  • In vineyard or orchard situations where fat hen or portulacaca are present, extra wetter is recommended when the application rate of Spraytop 330 is less than 605 mL per 100 L. Add 120 mL of Wetspray® 1000 per 100L of spray mix in this situation. 
  • When applying in a tank mix with other herbicides, use with an additional wetter if recommended on the label of the partner herbicide. 

What other herbicides can be tank mixed with Spraytop 330 to ensure maximum control of annual weeds?

Maximum control of annual weeds in Fallow and Non-crop Areas:

Pre-emergent or Post-sowing Pre-emergent Herbicides

For further information on Spraytop 330 compatibility before you commence tank mixing, please refer to the physical compatibility guide.