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Zulu® XT

One 2,4-D amine herbicide for broadleaf weed control in all seasons


Zulu® XT is a locally manufactured 2,4-D amine dual salt broadleaf herbicide. Compatible with glyphosate and other crop protection products, Zulu XT offers the flexibility to use one formulation to control broadleaf weeds in fallow, crop and pasture. Zulu XT controls over 80 key broadleaf weeds, including bindweed, fleabane, capeweed, Mexican poppy and sowthistle. 

General Info

Key Features

Non-volatile formulation

Zulu XT is a non-volatile 2,4-D amine herbicide. While not volatile, care should be taken when applying 2,4-D amine as physical off-target spray drift can cause significant damage to sensitive crops in the area.

Concentrated dual-salt formulation

A concentrated 720 g/L formulation containing dual 2,4-D amine salts for strong broadleaf weed control in fallow, crop, pasture and non-crop situations

Control grass and broadleaf weeds in fallow with a glyphosate-compatible 2,4-D amine 

Compatible with leading glyphosate brands, including ADAMA Wipe-Out® Pro 

Registered for application with Optical Spot Spray Technology (OSST)

The use of optical spot spray technology is increasing across Australia. Zulu XT is registered for fallow weed control with Optical Spot Spray Technology (OSST)

Application advice

Best practice application information

Water volume 

  • Fallow (low stubble) - 70 L/ha 
  • Fallow (moderate to high stubble) - 80 L/ha
  • In-crop (cereals) - minimum 50 L/ha
  • Aerial - 20 to 90 L/ha

Spray quality

  • Ground - Very Coarse or Extremely Coarse
  • Aerial - Very Coarse

Water quality 

  • Do not use hard water
  • Alkaline water (> pH 8) not recommended

Re-entry period

  • Once the spray has dried

Rainfast period

  • 6 hours