Developed by ADAMA, Cormoran® is a unique insecticide that provides a new mode of action for the rapid knockdown and extended control of many key chewing insects including Codling Moth and Light Brown Apple Moth whilst also preventing damage by sucking pests such as Plague Thrips, Longtailed Mealybug and Tuber Mealybug.


Key issues controlled

  • Apple Dimpling Bug

  • Plague Thrips

  • Light Brown Apple Moth

  • Codling Moth

  • Longtailed Mealybug

  • Tuber Mealybug

  • San Jose Scale

  • Black Peach Aphid (Stone Fruit)

  • Green Peach Aphid (Stone Fruit)

Active ingredient

novaluron 100 g/L + acetamiprid 80 g/L

Formulation Type

DC - Dispersible Concentrate