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Knockdown and residual activity of key pests, including Fruit Spotting Bug, Grapevine Scale, Kelly's Citrus Thrips, Lightbrown Apple Moth and Mealybugs


General Info

Knockdown and residual control

Trivor provides rapid knockdown and residual control of key insect pests of citrus, grapes, sub-tropical and tropical tree crops. Trivor provides robust efficacy on target pests and protects marketable yield.

Combines two insecticide modes of action

Two modes of action provide good resistance management

Minimal impact on beneficial insects

Trivor has only a minimal and short-term impact on beneficial insects and is significantly less disruptive to beneficial insects than older broad-spectrum insecticides. Applied early in the season, it controls pest populations whilst allowing beneficial species to become established.

No additional adjuvants required

Trivor does not require the addition of an adjuvant to achieve maximum efficacy. While a number of adjuvants have been tested for compatibility, none added to the performance of Trivor.

Excellent compatibility

Trivor has excellent physical and biological compatibility with a range of other insecticides and fungicides for one-pass insect and disease control.