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Di-Bak Parkinsonia

A bioherbicide that induces dieback in the woody weed Parkinsonia aculeata.

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General Info

Di-Bak Parkinsonia Bioherbicide has been developed to control the weed Parkinsonia aculeata.

What are the active ingredients?

The Di-Bak Parkinsonia capsules contain three fungi that have been isolated from plants afflicted with a naturally occurring disease known as Parkinsonia dieback, which can be lethal to the plant.

How is Di-Bak Parkinsonia applied?

The formulated capsule is inserted into a hole drilled in the trunk of the tree and sealed within, causing an infection that kills Parkinsonia naturally.  Di-Bak Parkinsonia is available in 200 or 1000 capsule bottles for insertion into the Injecta™ gun. 

Application Advice

Directions For Use

Situation Weeds Rate Critical Comments
Grazing lands and non-crop areas.