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Di-Bak G

For the control of woody weeds and unwanted trees in forestry, pasture, commercial, industrial, and public service areas.


Key Features

  • Di-Bak G capsules contain the herbicide active ingredient Glyphosate and are inserted directly into the trunk
  • Capsules are inserted directly into the trunk ensuring an effective kill with no adverse effects on the surrounding environment.
  • Di-Bak G is available in 200 or 1000 capsule bottles for insertion into the Injecta gun. 

Application Advice

Directions for use

Always refer to the product label before application
Situation Unwanted Trees Rate Critical Comments

Stem Injection

Forestry, Pasture, Commercial & Industrial Areas, Rights of Way, Around Agricultural Buildings & Public Service areas

Glyphosate susceptible trees as per the directions for use on the product label


1 capsule every 10 cm of circumference

All Trees

  • Apply a minimum of two capsules to each tree

  • Apply at waist height

Use an applicator to drill a hole and deliver ADAMA DI-BAK G capsule in the sapwood layer beneath the bark. Space capsule insertions at 10 cm, centres around tree circumference below any branching, otherwise remove or treat all branches below the capsule insertion. On multiple trunk trees ensure each trunk is treated.