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Leket Truck

ADAMA helps farmers during crisis, provides healthy food to those in need

During Covid-19, ADAMA is funding the rescue of surplus agricultural produce and its delivery to families in need throughout Israel, compensating farmers for their contribution
Leket Truck

Heavy economic harm to farmers and disadvantaged families by the Covid-19 crisis has led the team at ADAMA to collaborate with "Leket Israel", the National Food Bank for the collection and distribution of fresh produce to people in need.

The company funds the weekly collection of 75,000 kg of surplus agricultural produce (fruit and vegetables) that was otherwise destined for destruction, and its distribution to 7,500 families – a total of 30,000 people.

Additionally, funds from ADAMA will be transferred to the farmers who provide the produce, designed to cover their growing costs, based on the recommendation of the Ministry of Agriculture.

In routine times, Leket Israel rescues and distributes nutritious agricultural produce that is fit for consumption, which is otherwise intended for destruction, to populations in need. As a result of the coronavirus crisis and its impact on the economy (the closure of hotels, caterers, restaurants, etc.), farmers have been left with huge quantities of surplus agricultural produce and have lost a great deal of money.

Thanks to our collaboration with Leket, farmers will benefit from compensation for their contribution of the produce, which will cover their production costs, and more produce is available to reach the growing numbers of people with food insecurity.

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