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Green station

Green Station recycling initiative rolls out in Israel

A simple and convenient solution for treating used plastic containers, while keeping our open spaces clean and the environment protected
Green station

Around two million plastic containers containing crop protection products are used every year in Israel. The law has permitted the containers to be disposed of with general waste (once emptied, rinsed and punctured), but many are still sadly discarded in open fields.

In response ADAMA has launched a pilot at 20 farms in Israel, supplying specially designed recycling bins or Green Stations - the first project of its kind!

The pilot has been well supported by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Regional Councils, and is being supervised by the National Parks and Nature Reserve Authority.

The pilot is underway

The 20 pilot Green Stations have been placed on farms in the Southern Shfela region and will be in place for six months initially. After that time, ADAMA will assess the success of the pilot and plan the roll out in other regions.

“As a leading crop protection company that is mindful of growers’ needs, we identified the problem and came up with a solution that will make things easier for them and is aligned with ADAMA’s sustainability policy,” explains Dr Eran Segal, Head of the Global Environment and Sustainability Sector at ADAMA.

“The Green Stations will serve growers and workers who use crop protection products, helping to reduce the amount of plastic and encouraging recycling, while protecting open spaces and the environment.”

A new use for the containers

The plastic collected in the Green Stations will be transported to ADAMA’s Agan site. A third party will then shred the containers, which will then be used for the manufacturing of telecommunication plastic piping. It’s a great way to reuse the plastic, and stop it from littering our environment for hundreds of years to come.

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