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A Super Blasticide! With its active ingredients, Prochloraz 23.5% + Tricyclazole 20% Blasil helps rice farmers to control blast disease

Blasil Package

General Info

Blasil is a SUPER BLASTICIDE for the control of leaf blast in rice, it provides peace of mind to the farmer with its superior disease control activity.

Blasil combines the strength of two effective active ingredients to offer superior control of Blast for a longer duration.

Mode of Action:

  • Inhibition of ergosterol biosynthesis in membranes.
  • Inhibition of Melanin synthesis in the fungal cell wall.

Key Benefits to the farmers:

  • Superior Control of Blast
  • Better Grain Filling
  • High Grain Quality
  • New A.i. for Resistance Management
  • Immediate control of Blast


Use 400 ml per acre to control leaf blast.

Better Grain Filling and Quality