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Nip the Scab

Shamir Packshot

General Info

  • Shamir is a Novel fungicide with DUAL mode of action.
  • It has both Contact & Systemic action along with Translaminar properties.
  • It acts as a MULTI-SITE contact fungicide which inhibits the respiration and energy production in the fungus along with hindering STEROL biosynthesis resulting in inhibition of spore germination & restricting growth of the fungus.
  • Shamir acts on multiple stages of the fungal growth
    • Spore Germination
    • Haustoria
    • Hyphal Growth
  • Shamir gives excellent protection against Apple Scab, Chilli Anthracnose & fruit rot.

Key Features


Novel combination exhibiting both Contact & Systemic with Translaminar properties

Effective & efficient control of disease

Unique Dual Mode of action

Action on multiple stages of disease cycle

Unique Product with easy to use SC formulation

Resistance Management & Better coverage with higher rain-fastness

Phyto tonic effect

Better Vigor and Good Crop Stand